Mission Statement


Meta Slider - HTML Overlay - hatlogo-smSince its founding in 1969, The Harrison Association of Teachers has been a professional union dedicated to unifying and strengthening the teaching profession and to securing the working conditions necessary to support teaching as a profession.  We work not only for the benefit of our teacher members, but also for the welfare of school children, the advancement of education, and the improvement of instructional opportunities for all.  Our efforts help shape and develop ethical practices, personnel policies and the standards of preparation and participation that mark our profession.  We strive to enable members to speak with a common voice on matters pertaining to the teaching profession and to present individual and common interests before the Board of Education and other legal authorities.  We will endeavor to expose and fight all forms of racism and discrimination while promoting mutual assistance and cooperation with other organizations with which we are affiliated. We are a New York State United Teachers affiliate (Local 15-060) and are also affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers (Local 2713).